Colosseo - Retractable Canopy Awning

With its rounded half-circle profile and inherent symmetry, the Colosseo wears a timeless style that works with almost any architectural style, from Art Deco to bungalow to Italianate.

Dome canopies are primarily window awnings. The innate compactness and small shade profile of dome canopies, like Colosseo, is ideally suited to continual indoor sun protection, and the rounded slope of the canopy provides consistent protection from light rains without ever having to adjust the pitch of the awning.

The Colosseo can be as wide as 20 feet. This extra size means that Colosseo can fit over sidewalks or storefronts, while its relatively short projection makes the Colosseo a perfect fit for tight city streets, corners, and shopping centers. Additional features like a longer valance and screenprinting are available for commercial-styled awnings.

The Colosseo has a sturdy yet lightweight non rusting aluminum frame, which makes it safe and easy to install on upper stories. The Colosseo frame has several interior ribs which all connect to a central point and fan out like rays. This gives a symmetry and visual balance to the Colosseo.

Colosseo canopy awnings can be opened with a simple cord pull and are shipped with a cord cleat. Accessories which require a motor – like sensors and timers – cannot be used with the Colosseo.

Important: Please note that the Colosseo model is RETRACTABLE and not FIXED/PERMANENT/STATIONARY which is perfect for high winds, hurricanes and snow loads. With a fixed awning, you have to remove the fabric every year before snow begins to fall or before high winds and hurricanes. That is not the case with a RETRACTABLE Colosseo awning.



  • Maximum width: 20 feet
  • Maximum projection: 5 feet


  • Powder-coated non rusting aluminum frame
  • Rust-proof hardware
  • An industry-leading non prorated 25 year frame warranty
  • Frame colors: White
  • Rib colors: White


  • Cord pull


  • Solution-dyed acrylic fabrics: quick-drying, mold resistant, stain resistant, with the same vibrancy and print on both sides of the fabric
  • Optional extra-long fixed valance, at 8 inches
  • Lettering and logo printing available
  • An industry-leading 10-year fabric warranty - Varies by manufacturer
  • GORE™ TENARA® sewing thread


  • Wall

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Colosseo Pricing



  • Shipping/Handling excludes Puerto Rico, Alaska & Hawaii and all other countries. Call 1-866-438-2964 or (305) 628-2424 for a quote for these locations.
  WIDTH   Shipping/
  4' 5' 6' 7' 8' 9' 10'  
or Height                  
24" $858 $976 $1,142 $1,265 $1,402 $1,542 $1,671   $149
30" na $976 $1,142 $1,265 $1,402 $1,542 $1,671   $149
36" na na $1,142 $1,265 $1,402 $1,542 $1,671   $149
42" na na na $1,265 $1,402 $1,542 $1,671   $149
48" na na na na $1,402 $1,542 $1,671   $149
54" na na na na na $1,542 $1,671   $149
60" na na na na na na $1,671   $149

Valance Styles

Valance Styles For Canopy Awnings - Colosseo, Pisa, Parthenon and Trevi provides a choice of eight valance styles. Standard valance height is 6" for the Colosseo, Pisa, Parthenon and Trevi canopy awnings.

Please be sure to use the corresponding valance number when ordering.


Retractable Awning Valance-Canopy Type


Important Note:

The valance styles above are availabe to show the valance style choices available for our canopy awnings and are not shown to represent any particular fabric color for our canopy awning models - Colosseo, Pisa, Parthenon and Trevi.

Trim Colors

Retractable awning trim/binding/piping colors

We offer the largest online selection of trim/binding/piping colors in the USA, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and all Caribbean countries. You have a choice of any 1 of 45 solution dyed acrylic braid binding trim/binding/piping colors for the bottom of the valance. The binding is approximately ½" wide and is sewn with Tenara® thread (lifetime warranty) onto the bottom of both sides of the valance. The trim/binding/piping takes the shape of the valance style selected. This trim is used on all valances on all retractable lateral arm awnings (Venezia model excluded) and retractable canopy awnings.

Click here to download a high resolution pdf of all 45 trim/binding/piping colors. Please order by color number

 Important Note:

We have made an effort to provide solution dyed acrylic trim images that closely represent the solution dyed acrylic trim colors. However, due to all the possible variants -- light source, monitor quality, etc. -- we cannot guarantee that the fabric images accurately represent the true trim colors. Please take this into consideration if you are trying to coordinate colors of the awning trim/binding/piping with that of the retractable awning fabric cover.





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