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    Folding Arm Awnings & Folding Canopies

    Folding arm canopies and awnings for homes can reduce your cooling costs while protecting your outdoor furniture from harmful UV rays.

  • Retractable Pergola Covers  Awnings

    Retractable Pergola Covers & Awnings

    Retractable pergola covers are best for residents in areas prone to heavy rain and high wind while also adding beauty and interest to your outdoor space.

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    Retractable Drop Arm Awnings

    Retractable home drop arm awnings provide shelter for windows and doors. They are available in a multitude of color options to complement your personal style.

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    Retractable Patio Screens and Vertical Drop Awnings

    Retractable screens fit nicely in the spaces of gazebos and pergolas to provide your backyard with some extra privacy. Vertical screens can also be installed over windows.

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    Retractable canopies add a little interest to the exterior of your home. They’re a great option if you want to add some UV protection to windows and doors.

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    Retractable Free Standing Awnings and Canopies

    Provide shelter to your patio or deck with retractable free standing awnings and canopies. They are easy to install and the louver roof option can handle snow load.

  • Retractable Lateral Arm Awnings

    Retractable Lateral Arm Awnings

    Retractable lateral arm awnings are commonly used for commercial decks and patios to provide protection from UV rays and light rain. They are installed to the wall, fascia, beam, roof, or an eave/soffit/overhang.

  • Retractable Pergola Roof Covers

    Retractable Pergola Roof Covers 

    Retractable pergola roof covers can be free-standing or installed on a building, patio or deck. These durable structures can handle heavy rain, high wind and are chosen for both practical and decorative purposes.

  • Retractable Side Arm | Drop Arm Awnings

    Retractable Side Arm | Drop Arm Awnings

    Retractable side arm / drop arm commercial awnings protect windows and doors from the sun, rain, and other weather conditions. They are easily customizable with a large variety of fabric options.

  • Power Retractable Screens

    Power Retractable Screens

    Retractable vertical drop screens are flexible window awnings that can be retracted and rolled up into a cassette box. For privacy, you can install them inside or outside a rectangular or square opening, such as on the sides of pergolas and gazebos.

  • Retractable Canopies for Commercial Buildings

    Retractable Canopies for Commercial Buildings

    Retractable canopies protect areas from sun, UV rays, light rain, and light wind. They are available in a variety of colors for coordinating with your business’s color scheme or logo.

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5 Tips to Choose Best Retractable Awning Fabric | RetractableAwnings.com

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An awning is an excellent option for coverage that can greatly complement your home or office. Buying retractable awning fabric can be a little overwhelming. You have to think of the perfect color and texture. The type you choose should coordinate with the color of your house, office, or restaurant. Retractableawnings.com has some of the best awning roof material on the market. We have an unlimited number of options to select from.

So how do you know which one will suit you best? The main thing you should consider is the purpose of the awning cloth material. This can help you choose the right fabric. Keep reading to learn tips that can help you select which outdoor awning material to buy.

retractable awning fabric picture


Table of Contents:


Tips to Choose the Best Awning Fabric

1. Primary function
2. Consider the Pattern
3. Work with Your Interior Design
4. Match Colors with Paintwork
5. Minimalism or Blend of Colors: Keep It Simple

Final Thoughts


Tips to Choose the Best Awning Fabric

If you wish to add style and comfort to your house or apartment, you have probably been looking at the best and popular awning fabric. Check out our list of tips to help you.

retractable awning material photo

1. Primary function

Always bear in mind the reason you want to buy the best awning fabric. If you live in a rainy area, then you probably want waterproof awning material. Some fabrics aren’t durable and may be damaged by water, so it’s better to double-check the material properties. Choosing a canvas material in this case will offer you protection despite any changes in the weather.

Another reason why you might buy awning material is to reduce the amount of heat in your home. In this case, the right solution would be to buy a light color. You should also consider how often you want to clean the awning canopy. Certain fabrics are easier to clean than others. Make sure you buy a durable fabric that can offer protection from UV radiation.

picture of dyed acrylic fabric

2. Consider the Pattern

The style you're going for is one of the factors that can help you figure out the best material for the awning. Patterns are a great way to remain unique. The different designs such as stripes can make your home stand out. 

So when choosing the pattern, think of the size of the awning. Another thing you want to think of is the structure of the awning. For example, a small building could use something as simple as stripes. Larger buildings can benefit from something simple like a single solid color.

best choice retractable awning fabric

3. Work with Your Interior Design

Awning cover material should complement the interior design of your home. The last thing you want is the contrast between your interior and outdoor environments. If you have subtle colors indoors, select a matching fabric. Choosing wild colors, in this case, is arguable, but that's your call. 

When you are unsure which color to choose, we highly recommend going for something subtle. You can't go wrong with that.

acrylic awning material

4. Match Colors with Paintwork

Brands that have the best awning material provide it in many colors. So customers have a wide range to choose from. But this can quickly turn into a disadvantage, especially if you can't decide which one to opt for. 

A simple way of not messing up is to choose a color that goes with the exterior paint. This may be the same color or something very similar. If you want to use it for a commercial property, then you can select colors from your logo. This works well even if the building itself doesn't have any colors from the logo.

You can also opt for Para Tempotest solution-dyed acrylic fabric. It is one of the best fabric for awning outdoor covers. It is resilient to damage from rain. You won't have to worry about damage from fungus as well. With a 10-year warranty, this fabric also offers UV protection.

5. Minimalism or Blend of Colors: Keep It Simple

When selecting the best house awning fabric you want to keep things simple. Simplicity gives you the freedom to be creative. Even if you want an eye-catching awning, you still have to make a wise decision. In fact, a colorful awning is perfect for stores.

You can use stripes for a restaurant, pastry shop, or salon as this offers an amazing contrast. Contrasting colors offer a great way of attracting the attention of people passing by your building. Most brands such as Dickson fabrics provide you with a wide range of styles. So you’re likely to find something versatile that suits your needs.

outdoor awning fabric

Final Thoughts

When selecting an awning the best approach is to keep it simple. Keep the primary goal in mind when choosing the color or pattern. Another factor that can assist you is the function of the awning. Buy canvas awning as it will offer protection from water damage. Light colors are good for reducing heat in your building. Adding contrast is a great way to attract attention. However, try to make sure that the awning fabric matches the interior and exterior design of your building. The perfect awning canopy offers your building a fantastic finish.

Let us help you select the best waterproof awning fabric. Retractableawnings.com is ready to assist you. We sell a wide variety of retractable awnings from the most reputable brands! You can find the best awning fabric reviews from our clients on Retractableawnings.com.


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Eric M. Scop

Eric M. Scop is considered a RETRACTABLE awning industry expert hired by architects, landscape architects, exterior/interior designers, contractors and builders worldwide on a consulting basis

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