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    Retractable pergola covers are best for residents in areas prone to heavy rain and high wind while also adding beauty and interest to your outdoor space.

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    Retractable Canopies for Commercial Buildings

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How To Prepare Your Patio for Hurricane Season | RetractableAwnings.com

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Hurricane seasons vary throughout the world, but strategic preparedness is essential no matter where you live. When a warm, humid atmosphere swirls above tropical ocean water, a hurricane is formed. As one of the deadliest natural disasters today, hurricanes present a severe threat to coastal and inland homes and buildings of all kinds across the globe. 

The regions of the world most prone to hurricanes are the southern Atlantic Ocean, eastern Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. Coastal structures typically receive the heaviest rainfall and high winds; however, these weather forces can also damage structures that are hundreds of miles inland. As such, understanding how to prepare your house for a hurricane is vital.

Table of Contents:

  • Trim your trees
  • Secure patio furnishings
  • Power down
  • Waterproof pergolas
  • Secure your gutters
  • Open the rain barrels
  • Turn off irrigation systems
  • Protect the mulch
  • Do not fertilize plants
  • Keep swimming pool filled
  • Check that the porch is secure and not damaged
  • Prepare home for a hurricane
  • Conclusion


Homeowners and building owners with patios must be aware of the dangers that weather hazards present. Providing your patio wind protection during hurricane season means actively taking steps to secure your outside areas. By doing so, you are proactively safeguarding your home, business, and your family and business associates and, as a result, will be able to focus your efforts on getting organized before a storm hits. 

One of the most common factors amongst anyone who has experienced hurricane devastation is a lack of preparation. From securing loose items to making sure you have high-quality, reliable patio rain covers, having a systematized plan will comfort you and your family during hurricane season.

Whether your home or business is located on the coast or inland, keep these tips in mind when you are determining how to prepare your home for a hurricane season:

Motorized retractable patio deck pergola

Trim your trees

Hurricane-force winds are 74 mph or greater and often cause branches and trees to fall. Therefore, be sure to not only trim your trees but remove any damaged limbs throughout your property.

prepare your home for hurricane season

Secure patio furnishings

Remove loose items such as potted plants, gardening and pool equipment, toys, decorative items, and any patio furnishings like garden tables and chairs. Heavier outdoor items that cannot be brought inside must be tied down or anchored in some way.

how to protect your house from a hurricane

Power down

Safety precautions must be taken to disconnect anything electrically powered or using gas/propane. Remember to turn off the power to any pool equipment as well.

Waterproof pergolas

Ensure that your patio rain covers are waterproof, not just water-resistant. A reliable enclosure is also necessary. Purchase a hurricane-proof pergola that is able to withstand heavy rains and high winds. Thus, you will be at ease during a storm knowing that your patio area is protected. 

home hurricane preparedness

prepare house for a hurricane picture

Secure your gutters

Ensure that the downspouts and rain gutters on your home are secured and clear out any areas that may be clogged, as debris may cause water damage to your property.

Open the rain barrels

If you have rain barrels, keep them open. If they are connected to gutters, they will collect water faster than it will drain. Strong wind can blow away empty rain barrels, so it is better to fill them with water or store them somewhere in a safe place.

Turn off irrigation systems

If you need to prepare the backyard for a hurricane, the first thing to do is to turn off the sprinkler systems. During a hurricane, there tends to be a lot of rainfall, so the trees do not need extra irrigation in any way. Too wet soil combined with high winds can lead to uprooted trees on your patio. We don’t recommend running the irrigation system again until the soil has completely dried out.

image of house preparation for a hurricane

Protect the mulch

The mulch will wash away during a hurricane. So you will need to replace it after it is over. You can use rubber borders to hold the mulch in place, but they can also trap water.

Do not fertilize plants

If there is a threat of a storm, it also makes sense to avoid adding fertilizer to the plants in your yard. Keep in mind that if the fertilizer is not absorbed into the soil well before a hurricane, it will be washed away and find its way into the drainage system, which can lead to contamination.

hurricane preparation infographic

Keep swimming pool filled

One of the biggest misconceptions of hurricane preparation is draining your swimming pool. The water in your pool actually serves as protection against flying debris and pressure that could cause the pool to pop out of the ground. Therefore, keep your pool as is or drain only 1-2 feet in order to protect your property.

plan of house preparation for a hurricane pic

Check that the porch is secure and not damaged

By screen enclosure hurricane preparation, the most important thing is to check fasteners everywhere, both inside and out. Otherwise, some parts could lift up during a hurricane, fall, and bump and damage you or your neighbor’s property. If you find your porch or roof broken, it's best to get it repaired immediately.

Prepare home for a hurricane

Make sure there are no cracks and damages in the foundation. It's better to find the problem right away and remove it. This will help avoid serious damage from a hurricane. It is also better to install hurricane-proof windows and doors to protect the inside of your property and improve safety.


Hurricane season must be taken seriously no matter where your home or building is located. A large hurricane has the ability to release energy that reaches the equivalent of 10 atomic bombs per second. Hurricanes rank first in death numbers compared to any other natural disaster. 

As such, taking every precaution is essential. Safeguarding your family is certainly the first priority; however, your patio must not be ignored. Without adequate preparation, your patio area can be left in ruins when heavy rains and high winds are present. Retractable patio and pergola covers offer this type of protection for your outdoor space. So, you need to understand how to protect the screen enclosure during a hurricane. With waterproof pergolas and retractable vertical drop awning side screens designed to keep water out, RetractableAwnings.com offers customers the ultimate solution for hurricane patio preparation.

Is your home or building prepared for hurricane season? What steps have you taken to secure your patio before a storm strikes? How much wind can an awning withstand? This varies by product type and model, but for certain, all sun, wind, rain, bug, and snow protection systems can handle more wind when retracted versus when extended. 

One of the most critical steps is to purchase a trustworthy, high-quality patio rain cover. Using our incredible Awning Finder, take a look at some of our waterproof pergola options that will fit your home or building structure perfectly. Using this tool, you will have a first-hand look at the process of choosing the best patio rain cover that will match the aesthetics of your property. 

Do you have any additional patio cover questions? Contact our experts in the USA or Canada toll-free at 866-438-2964 or outside the USA or Canada at (305) 628-2424, or use our live help chat tool for more information on protecting your property with a beautiful waterproof pergola!


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